I'm a photographer based in the North-West of England, specialising in capturing the landscape.

I grew up in the rolling hills of Mid Wales and whilst currently based in a city, I'm constantly drawn back to the Countryside. Fortunately, the geographical location of Liverpool means that I'm within a few hours drive of 4 national parks and also stunning coastal scenery around Merseyside, which I try to be out in as much as possible.

For me, photography allows me to connect with nature, and try to convey my response to the wonders that can happen when the available light interacts in harmony with the land. It is being a spectator to this balance that feeds my passion and inspires me to continue learning.

I initially started out roughly 8 years ago using a Pentax film camera, then after a few years spending day after day in a dark room printing, I moved over to digital and fully immersed myself into colour photography. It wasn't long before I was lucky enough to find that my work was being noticed and I had some early success being printed in various books and magazines, and also people were taking an interest in my fine art prints. Following on from this, I started printing all of my own work using a high end large format printer. It was at this point I realised that creating fine art prints along with photography,  was going to be the way my work would evolve. 

All of the images on the site have been taken with digital camera's, now solely Canon. I use a range of lenses, including, 24 tse, 24-70 and a 70-200. My tripod of choice is by Gitzo with long spikes for ultimate stability. I'm once again experimenting a little with black and white although now totally digital. I've also found that stitching panoramics is a great way to show the landscape, so I hope to show some more of these in the near future.

I hope that you enjoy browsing the photographs and find yourself back again looking at new work in the future.